The Wonders of Wrought Iron

From on April 22, 2008 in Tools and Tips

Wrought iron has been used for centuries as an excellent material for home products and decoration. Perhaps the greatest wonder of wrought iron is its diversity. There are a slew of products available for the ambitious homeowner, from tables, chairs, and curtain rods to fireplace screens, wall clocks, and art. Also, because wrought iron is usually a neutral color such as black or charcoal gray, it fits with any style of home decor you can think of. Exterior

  • Wrought iron can be used for front doors or decorative railings on the front porch or on a deck. And don’t forget wrought iron patio furniture!
  • If you have a perimeter fence on your property, wrought iron gates make for a personal, stylish entry.

Kitchen/Dining Room

  • Wrought iron can be used for kitchen or dining room chairs, tables, baker’s racks, chandeliers, wine racks, you name it.
  • Wrought iron pot racks are very popular, along with iron shelves if you need a little extra storage space in your kitchen and you want fashion and durability.


  • Wrought iron railings and spindles can add a real sense of luxury to your home and foreshadow elegance and style in your upper house.
  • A stairway is a great spot for some wrought iron wall art. The stairway is already a key focal point of your home’s interior. Stairway wall art can add some nice idiosyncratic flare to your home decor.


  • Even the bathroom is a likely candidate for wrought iron. You can purchase towel racks, rings and hooks, toilet paper holders, tissue box covers, and more.
  • Wrought iron frames for your bathroom mirror can be modern or Old World.
  • Wrought iron shower heads are even available.

The point here is diversity. Wrought iron is perhaps the single most diverse home decor material in existence. It is centuries old and is still often handcrafted.

Wrought iron varies in price from a wall hook, which might cost about five dollars, to a bed frame, which can cost about 500 dollars. Wrought iron products are available in all kinds of shapes and sizes with varying intricacies in design. If you are redecorating or you’ve just remodeled and you want to start over, wrought iron is definitely worth some thought. You are guaranteed to find a spot in your home in which it will fit.