The Quick & Awesome DIY Rental Revival

From on April 01, 2010 in Tools and Tips

Perhaps the best part about owning a home is letting your design prowess run wild. But if buying isn’t in the budget, there are plenty of things you can do to make that rental space your own…without that annoying threat of eviction.

Custom Wall Coverings

apartment remodel wall stickers

Lack of color or creative wall art is a common complaint among renters, but there are simple solutions to this. If your landlord has pooh-poohed the idea of paint or wallpaper, use decals instead. They can easily be removed and won’t leave any wall damage behind. Or buy a large frame and cover the back with wallpaper. This creates a focal point for a blank wall, and of course, can travel with you once your lease is up.

Sleek Movable Kitchen Islands

apartment remodel moveable island

Often times, kitchens in apartments or rental homes lack storage space. Adding a mobile center island not only solves this problem, but also partitions adjoining rooms as well. Plus, it adds that perfect dose of chic to any space.

Show the Floor Some Love

apartment remodel area rug

Another area that doesn’t receive much TLC in rental spaces: flooring. Even if your landlord is diligent about replacing carpet or repairing damage, the flooring choices are generally bland to say the least. But any room can be spiced up with a colorful area rug.

Create Your Own Signature Bookcase

apartment remodel bookshelf

Book lovers, rejoice! Putting your collection on display in a creative bookcase can actually help liven up your rental, partition smaller spaces, or increase the value of that furniture later on. Better yet, refurbishing an inexpensive bookcase could just be your next DIY project.

The options for a rental revival are endless, I assure you. Just make sure it’s not permanent and you’re good to go.