Spring Remodeling Season Kicks into Gear

From on December 15, 2010 in Tools and Tips

Yes, it’s wintertime, and spring is still months away. But if you’re itching to remodel in the coming year, experts recommend starting the planning phase now. spring remodeling plans Why get a jumpstart? Because waiting until your taxes are mailed to call a contractor and add new improvements to your home isn’t a great idea. Get started on the planning process so you’ll be well prepared when the holidays end, when that snow melts, and when you’re ready to look to some new year’s changes. With the numerous check-list items that precede the actual renovation, you can find yourself pleasantly busy—now—in the planning process. And hey, browsing pretty pictures is the fun part! spring remodeling kitchen Here’s how to get moving.

1. Collaborate Creatively

Talk to a contractor or architect to plan your space. Find someone that you feel comfortable with, and share the details of your lifestyle, from your habits to your future design goals. The more you invest in this process, the more you will get out of it. This may take a couple of months, so get in touch with someone now. For referrals to licensed contractors, head over here.

2. Obtain Remodeling Permits

Start with information from your county or city officials, which often includes zoning regulations in the area you live. If your home is in a historical neighborhood, there may be special building rules you must follow closely. Your local Building Department will review the details and engineering of your specific project. Your contractor can tell you what to expect.

3. Sign an Agreement with Your Contractor

If you haven’t already, speak with a contractor about the project at hand, and work toward agreement on a final bid. Since contractors are usually less busy and available for consultation in the off-season, talk to one now about your project, and have a blast looking forward to spring.

Photo Credit: Lori Tabor-Randall & Sarah Ackerman via Flickr CC