Q & A: What are your suggestions for remodeling a small bathroom?

From on March 27, 2008 in Tools and Tips

small bathroom suggestions

Many of us have bathrooms that we wish were just a bit bigger, and due to our human nature, we get a lot of time in there to think about it. Don’t worry anymore. While the practicality of doubling the bathroom in size is usually nil, the small bathroom remodel is one of the most common home improvement projects. There are several tried and true tricks out there that can make your bathroom look and feel larger. Here are some of them.

Walls and Floors

  • Paint your walls using light, cool colors that will make the room seem bigger.
  • If wallpaper is your preferred medium, then be sure to utilize a bright background with small patterns. Large, bold patterns can overwhelm a small amount of wall space.
  • Wall tile is yet another option. Small tiles can be great, especially since they can blend with the tile on the floor, expanding the room.
  • Stick to bright, vibrant flooring and steer clear of rugs if you can. You want light to dance around your bathroom, effectually making those walls disappear.

Mirrors and Lighting

  • Mirrors are an excellent tool for opening up a small bathroom. Large mirrors on the wall above the sink or vanity are a great idea. If you can manage to find room for mirrors opposite each other, that’s a big plus too. This old optical trick certainly stands the test of time.
  • If you have a glass enclosed shower you may be able to replace that frosted glass door with a clear glass door, or a mirror on the door itself.
  • Take out that old light fixture hanging from the ceiling or protruding out from the wall above you vanity. Look into recessed lighting which has a subtle, nonintrusive feel.


  • Try to use bright and reflective cabinets, countertops, etc. Again, bright is the key word here. A brightly decorated bathroom entices the eye to look “through” the room and can really change your perception of the bathroom.
  • Try to keep clutter down to a minimum. This may seem even more difficult when I suggest a pedestal or wall-mount sink (if you can spare the storage space). Think about a cabinet over the toilet or a linen closet in the hall outside.

Heavy Duty

  • If you’re ready to go all the way with your bathroom remodel, here are some ideas that will definitely add more work but can also do wonders for a small bathroom. You may wish to consult a qualified remodeling contractor before getting too deep into this heavy of a project.
  • Do you have a window in the bathroom? Could it be larger? A new or bigger window will do a lot to open things up. Natural light is always the best light.
  • On that note, skylights or Solatubes are a great way to let in natural light and give a real sense of flow to the room.
  • Are you tired of stumbling around your swinging door to get to the sink or the toilet? If so, you may even want to install a Pocket door into your new bathroom.