Must-Have Hardware For Under $50

From on July 31, 2009 in Tools and Tips

Nothing lasts forever, especially in today’s culture of constant upgrading. If you rely on your tools, hardware and equipment to earn a living, you’ll need to read this article. Below are some of the best products available for contractors or weekend handymen. And they WON’T cost you an arm and a leg. Door Repair – Go to for great hardware of all types. They’re the self-proclaimed world’s largest hardware store and they have everything you need to install a new door or repair the old one. They have great hinges, levers, door knobs, thresholds, bolts and screws. Order online and get free shipping. ryobi-canister-vacuum.jpgPhoto Credit: The Home Depot Ryobi 18V Canister Vacuum - It’s listed at Home Depot for $49.97 and has a customer rating of 4 out of 5 stars. The wet/dry cleaner has a detachable blower for easy control and quicker results. It also comes with available storage for accessories and an easy-pour spout for trouble-free cleaning. The Roybi is a lighter vacuum and isn’t meant for industrial sized jobs, but it’s great for lighter cleaning duty. Black and Decker VPX 7V Cordless Drill - For a cordless drill, the PVX 7V from Black and Decker is a steal. It gets a five-star rating from customers and scores high marks in its power and battery length. The cordless isn’t for industrial use either, but gets everything done around the house. If you’re willing to spend more, the Makita 18V Compact is one of the best drills on the market. The cost is $189.99, but customers say the power is fierce and the batteries last forever. 3-position-screwdriver.jpgPhoto Credit: The Home Depot Black and Decker 3-Position Screwdriver – This highly rated tool is great for drilling screws in those hard to reach areas. Getting behind sinks and underneath countertops can be a hassle, but the Black and Decker 3-Position is versatile enough to help you out. Users are very pleased with its value and ability to work in tight places. The rechargeable screwdriver is priced at $19.99 online at Home Depot. Rope and Cordage – Also available at is a wide selection of recycled rope and other reusable twine or cordage. The prices range from $1.79 all the way up to $329. If you’re making a long haul to the junk yard or work in construction, rope & twine is always great to have around.