Jump in on Low Contractor Remodeling Fees

From on February 01, 2011 in Tools and Tips

If you’re looking to remodel, take heart: it’s a buyer’s market. Now is the perfect time to reconsider those past renovating ideas and get in while the market is great. And get in soon. While the demand for remodeling increases, the current amazing contractor discounts will start to disappear. Enjoy them while they’re here for now. contractor fees What kind of fee cuts are you likely to score? A recent Angie’s List survey showed that contractors are cutting prices as much as 20% to stay working and competitive. During the economic downturn, Paul Zuch of Dallas-based remodeling firm Capital Improvements, lowered profit margins altogether to stay afloat. Many people think that because the housing market is so bad, renovations should be put off along with the dreams of selling your house. If you’re one of these thinkers, switch your mindset and realize the potential of getting a great home-value-increasing renovation accomplished now. Many contractors like the certified remodelers in our own database here can help you dust off that tucked-away renovation idea. Remodeling expenditures are forecasted to rise between 2010 and 2015 at an annual average of 3.5%, according to a recent report from Harvard’s Joint Center. So, while your project may be wonderfully more modest than you first imagined, you can get a great bang for your buck and upgrade your home now. You can make those essential renovations that increase the quality of your life while living in it—at a price you can afford. Photo Credit: OlympicNF via Flickr CC