How to Make Your Home More Child-Friendly; Both Inside and Out

From on August 12, 2008 in Tools and Tips

dark-carpet.jpgAs newlyweds, we bought our first home completely dismissing any plans for children until some future date. We moved in, renovated it to perfection, and then furnished with era-specific antique furniture. Needless to say, eventually a baby arrived. Last weekend we found ourselves host to a houseful of two-year olds; and were soon cringing as our house and furniture took a thorough beating. After the storm settled, we reached the conclusion that we either need to adjust our style of living or deny our son friends for the next eighteen years. Obviously, that isn’t the solution, so we better look for ways to make our home more child-friendly.

Beginning on the inside, I evaluated what caused me the most stress as the children played. The furniture has to go; or be packed away for when we retire, but then we’ll have grandchildren, so it’s probably best to sell it. Next, the walls need to be painted a darker color, or at least a satin or semi-gloss that can be washed. I already have wood floors, but if you have carpet, a darker color with a stain-guard is recommended. Even with wood floors, rugs are recommended to reduce wear and tear.

To further protect the interior of your home, children need exercise and activity to expend some of that unlimited energy. A large back-yard, fenced and secure, is a must. In addition to being a secure environment, be sure it is safe and free of any potentially dangerous items. Judge the safety based on the age of your children, removing rocks, water sources, ect.

Children are a blessing, and there shouldn’t be anything within your home that is more valuable than their happiness, safety and security. After all, what are you going to value more when you’re old; your belongings, or the happy memories of your children? Request free estimates from prescreened contractors today to make your home as child-friendly as possible.