How to Find the Right Contractor in One Week or Less

From on March 13, 2012 in Tools and Tips


Maybe you’ve had it, and you can no longer stand putting off that remodel. Maybe you have an unexpected week free of work to focus on your home improvements. Or perhaps you have an in-law coming unexpectedly in the near future and you can’t stand the thought of them seeing things as they are.

Whatever the situation, you’ve found yourself in a hurry. Not to worry—we have the tips on how to get a contractor this very week, if needed.

Here are our suggestions for how to secure that contractor in place this very week, without being sorry in the long run.

Let us help you start the project. Quickly.

Search contractor listings

Databases, where trusted professionals have vetted information for you, offer a list of contractors in your area who not only qualify as high quality, but are certified and have proven themselves worthy to be on such a list. You can find such a contractor database here on CalFinder, where we have accumulated a database of literally thousands of amazing contractors.

For contractor pricing on your remodel, click here.

No matter where in the country you live, you can find a contractor in your area who will make you happy.

Ask around at pro stores

There’s no better place to look around physically for contractors than by going to the places where they are known professionally. Ask around at your local paint store or home depot, talk to the manager and get some guidance. You may also find that you come across subcontractors that you can work with directly, allowing you to skip over the task of talking to a contractor, who then has to subcontract out certain jobs.

Who have your neighbors worked with?

With so many people staying in their homes these days rather than selling, most homeowners have at some point worked with a contractor or at least been exposed to their work. Start your process quickly by making a few phone calls (lasting no longer than that cup of strong coffee you’ll have on hand). Talk to neighbors and friends and see if any of them rave about their contractor.

Get ready to negotiate

Once you’ve got a list of contractors, you’re ready to interview and negotiate. Don’t sign the first contractor you meet. Allow room for negotiating price and getting a feel by comparing professionals. Make this most effective and efficient by coming to the meetings knowing exactly what you’re willing to spend, what you need in a contractor, and what priorities are at the top of your list.