Home Remodeling Trends are Shifting - How Do They Affect You?

From on March 17, 2010 in Tools and Tips

As times continue to change, so do our homes. Analyzing these changes is Kit Selzer, editor of Better Homes and Gardens, who explains why the kitchen is the new living room, why stainless steel is here to stay, and why remodeling projects are moving forward despite the tough economic times.

Time to Remodel? Trends Show It’s a Homeowner’s Market

small remodeling dinner table

It would be an understatement to say that new home construction has seen a bit of a slow-down in the past few years. But with people spending more time in their homes and less time out on the town, many are resorting to small home remodeling projects in order to keep their space looking like new. Not only are contractors easier to come by right now, but they’re also offering major price discounts across the board.

American Kitchens are Bigger and Cozier than Ever

It’s no secret – large kitchens have traditionally been a sign of wealth. But in one of the greatest shifts in home remodeling I’ve ever seen, the kitchen is expanding in new and accessible ways. Don’t have the square footage? Knock down adjacent walls and open up the floor plan for the ultimate family room. Homeowners are building office nooks next to stovetops, kids are claiming the kitchen table as their go-to spot for homework time, and extra seating space in the form of banquet benches has also made this room more conducive to larger group hang-outs. The kitchen has become the gathering spot for families to work, cook, and just spend time together.

… Not to Mention Sleek and Versatile

small remodeling ideas stainless steel

Also in the kitchen are the stainless steel appliances that many experts thought would have been outdated by now. Selzer says this design staple is here to stay, simply because it matches everything and looks top-of-the-line and sophisticated in any home.

Stylish Storage Trends Evolving

In addition, as people are learning to live with less, they are letting go of more and incorporating stylish storage into their design plan. Instead of building additional closets or expanding on the ones that are already present, people are looking to add things like storage-friendly furniture to keep their space clutter-free and super easy to organize.

Affordable Green Living on the Rise

small remodeling ideas bamboo flooring

And of course, as America becomes more aware of its impact on the environment, homeowners do as well – thus the increase in “green living.” What used to be a trend for urbanites on the cutting-edge has now gone mainstream. Greater attention is being paid to making these green changes accessible and affordable for the average family.

While some of these trends may be just that – a trend – a new concentration on the home as the center of our lives and society is most certainly here to stay. At least for a little while…

Photo Credit: Dr. Robyn, Victoria Condo, & 4Winds Bamboo