Holiday Home Brew Kits Straight Outta’ Brooklyn

From on December 17, 2009 in Tools and Tips

Craft brewmasters Stephen Valand and Erica Shea quit their jobs to open a home brew shop

If spending holiday time with your extended family is something you can only survive inebriated, the perfect gift is out there. It’s a DIY home brewery, and it fits in even the tiniest apartments.

The Brooklyn Brew Shop created several holiday DIY brew kits to give even the most amateur brewer the gift of delicious stouts and ales. They designed their kits with space-efficiency in mind, hoping to reverse the misconception that home brewing equals large, unsightly beasts of machinery. Taking up less than one square foot of countertop space, each kit comes with the ingredients for a particular brew and the necessary tools of the trade, including attractive glass containers.

holiday home brew kit

In addition to their everyday varieties of brew kits, Brooklyn Brew Shop is now offering holiday selections:

  • Gingerbread Ale
  • Chestnut Brown Ale
  • Eggnog Milk Stout
  • Holiday IPA

Once you get the hang of the home brewing process, you can keep ordering brew mixes without the kit. You can buy a set for yourself and crack it open early if things start to get a little awkward-family-photo-status, or attain sainthood by giving it to someone else as a holiday present. Either way, if you’re thinking of brewing around the holidays, it’d be nice to do it with all the rich tastes that make Christmas so special.