Getting White Chic Right

From on August 23, 2010 in Tools and Tips

white chic look

White design schemes can get a bad rap for being too modern or too coastal-cottage. Some say that white is a default for those who can’t make a color commitment. And indeed, white can be all three. Yet deliberate white within a dwelling can also provide a sophisticated canvas for an artistic look—a look that suggests chic Paris apartments with both history and dignity. Here are three hints for getting such a look.

#1—Think Texture

white chic texture

With white, think texture. Because the color palette is simple, you can focus on elements that add visual interest through layers of materials: crown molding, various weights of fabrics for curtains and couch pillows, piles of bed linens. Create a deliberate rather than sparse look by compensating in the details.

#2—Contrast & Balance

white chic contrastBalance the white with dark furniture or flooring. To keep away from the cottage theme and create a more urban-sophisticate look, add darker and heavier objects such as iron, steel dark woods, and mix them throughout to create continuity. For a more streamlined and less flea-market look, stick with one kind of dark wood rather than a hodgepodge of furniture.

#3—The Gallery

white chic accents

Remember that, with white, details stand out on display like in a museum. Use that to your advantage. Make your stacked library books the intellectual focal point of your home. Or one huge patch of color. Or create a gallery of art—both haute and low-brow. Showcase your designer couch and lamps. Whatever the centerpiece, weigh the focus heavily on your choice, and let the surrounding details be just that—details.

Photo Credit: Luxuo, Neat Home, zaINTERIORA, & homedit