Eco-Friendly iPhone App Remotely Shuts Off Your Lights, Thermostat

From on March 18, 2010 in Tools and Tips

Living in an age when technology is programmed to pick up the slack left over from the often inefficient human brain, I too am guilty of leaning on my precious iPhone like the crutch that it is. But with new apps like the Schlage LiNK, maybe we can blame our dependency on the desire to save energy and in turn, do something good for the environment. Works for me. schlage link iphone app Powered by Z-Wave, this technological wonder allows users to remotely shut off their home’s lights, control the thermostat, lock and unlock doors, and even view live video of the house. While the app is free, Schlage LiNK products, which come with a $12.99 service fee, must be in place in the home. But for the forgetful type, the cost may pay for itself in a few electric bills alone. schlage link lights As with any too-good-to-be-true advancement, however, there is at least one notable setback. The program doesn’t work with CFL or LED lights, which may turn off some green users – the same group that would get excited about such an app. Schlage LiNK isn’t the only company pushing to make technology environment-friendly. Wattvision allows users to control their electricity using online access along with a home sensor, and Powerhouse Dynamics is in the process of creating an app that lets users monitor their electricity usage on their phone.