Echoing Edwardian Style in Your Own Home

From on June 04, 2010 in Tools and Tips

One way to connect to the world and its past while personalizing your interior is to draw on influences of previous design periods. Unless you’re going for a strong statement of the past, period design doesn’t mean transferring a certain style directly to your own dwelling, but taking elements that worked and reinventing them for today. Take the Edwardian era, beginning around 1901 as England welcomed a new century, a new monarch, and new design. Merging from the heavier, more ornate Victorian style, this period embraced a lighter and more simplistic aesthetic, not only drawing on an eclectic design past (like Tudor, Rococo, and Medieval eras), but also looking to the future as the British empire reached its arms further across the globe. The era appreciated the introduction of lighter and more streamlined detailing, as in Louis Comfort Tiffany’s stained glass work, prints like chintz and damask, and new smooth shapes in furniture like the wing chair. But how to take those distinct details of the time and make them, well, timeless? Here are some big hitters from the Edwardian era, and how they transfer to today. edwardian style dining room This space draws on the light colors and detailing of the Edwardian era while infusing the room with modern pieces and eclectic arrangement. edwardian style stained glass Louis Comfort Tiffany-influenced stained glass and white in a contemporary bedroom. edwardian style wicker wood 2Furnish offers wicker and lighter wood in more modern, geometric shapes. edwardian style wing chair Here, the wing chair, which arose in the era, rests in a modern space and very non-Edwardian era color of black. Amazing contrast. Photo Credit: Airspaces, Houzz, 2Furnish & Michale Grimm