Create Your Own Designer Sheets, Curtains, and Dishcloths

From on February 17, 2009 in Tools and Tips

Why buy expensive Calvin Klein sheets when you can make your own? Same goes for curtains and dishcloths. It’s easy to be a creative genius with the thousands of different materials available to you. The 3 most common stamping materials are rubber stamps, stencil, and vegetables. You can use various veggies for their texture but one vegetable stands out more than the others – the potato. Why the potato, you ask? Well, when it’s cut in half you can actually draw a pattern onto the surface of the potato using a pen and then cut around the shape with a kitchen knife leaving the design raised on the surface. See “how to make a stamp from a potato” article: The beauty of making your own sheets, curtains, and dishcloths is that you save a lot of money and you get to create something original – a piece of art – a keepsake that you can either decorate your home with or use as the ideal wedding or birthday gift for friends and family.

Planning Your Stamping Palette

  1. Blank canvas. Buy plain sheets, curtains, or dishtowels – white and off-white work best. Make sure you wash these items before you start your masterpiece (washing them twice is best.) Note: wash painted fabrics separately for the first time.
  2. Color palette. Decide on the color scheme, then purchase fabric paint to ensure the integrity of your design remains intact through numerous washings. Please note that there is always a little fading over time.
  3. Tools of the trade. Have your stencils, rubber stamps, or anything else you can use to create a design, ready.
  4. Newspaper. It’s a good idea to practice a couple times dipping the stamp or veggie into the paint and then testing it on newspaper. It is also a good idea when you’re working to press lightly on paper the first stamp of paint since the first time tends to be the thickest.

You’re now ready to create! Don’t forget to test out your patterns first on newspaper.

Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing. I found a great place to buy stamps & stencils so I added links to each theme, as a resource and a visual, that include either stencil ideas or stamping ideas.

Playing with Picasso and other Themes

We’ve got playful, upbeat ideas for the kids’ rooms and a variety of other possibilities to get your gift-giving, fun-loving juices flowing.

Spring – flowers, butterflies, dragonflies:

Easter – ideas for Easter themed dishcloths:

Mardi Gras - jester curtains for den or play room

Fall – perfect for sheets, dishtowels, and curtains:

Every day sheets or curtains

Picasso – great ideas for modern art lovers, perfect for sheets, curtains or dishtowels:

Seaside cottage – great ideas for the nautical themed room:

Borders, backgrounds & decorative elements – these designs are suitable for so many occasions or for every day use:

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