Could Laser Cutters Replace Your Hammer and Nails?

From on April 12, 2010 in Tools and Tips

The future of homebuilding is upon us, my friends, and nails may no longer play a part in holding the pieces together. It sounds farfetched, but a few Harvard and MIT students are paving the way for a whole new industry with a laser cutter and state-of-the-art software. The company, Difra Inc., is headed by MIT undergrad Lynwood Walker, along with MIT alum Morris Cox and U-Penn grad Steve Hershman. Putting their rigorous college coursework to the test, this group designed software capable of producing custom-built wall, floor and ceiling panels using a laser cutter. laser cutting softwareComputer demonstration of the homebuilding software After the panels are cut, they can be forced together and bonded with glue. Surprisingly, this eliminates the need for nails while yielding a much stronger hold. The hope is that an architect will be able to create any part of your home by simply inputting the information, converting it to a template file, and allowing the laser cutter to do its thing. I bet those student loans will be paid off for this group in no time!