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Jump in on Low Contractor Remodeling Fees

February 01, 2011 in Tools and Tips

If you’re looking to remodel, take heart: it’s a buyer’s market. Now is the perfect time to reconsider those past renovating ideas and get in while the market is great. And get in soon. While the demand for remodeling... read full post →

"Personalized" Remodeling Saves Money and Resources

December 27, 2010 in Tools and Tips

No more keeping up with the Joneses. Renovation trends have started leaning toward individual improvements that fit the specific needs of each home and its inhabitants. And for good reason. While renovating is for now a better choice... read full post →

“Techorate” Your Home with the Founder of Apartment Therapy

December 21, 2010 in Tools and Tips

Guess who graced us with his presence via webcam this week? None other than Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan, founder of Apartment Therapy and widely acclaimed design expert. In the interview below, Maxwell shows CalFinder how to blend... read full post →

Spring Remodeling Season Kicks into Gear

December 15, 2010 in Tools and Tips

Yes, it’s wintertime, and spring is still months away. But if you’re itching to remodel in the coming year, experts recommend starting the planning phase now. Why get a jumpstart? Because waiting until your taxes are... read full post →

Little TLC for Your Dwelling - 3 Non-Cosmetic Home Improvements

November 12, 2010 in Tools and Tips

Let us not only show public displays of affection for our homes, but the deeply rooted structural support it needs as well. Yes, although we adore the pretty, shiny upgrades (and let’s face it, they’re most fun), necessary renovations... read full post →
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