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Can We Really Trust Home Improvement Contractors?

February 09, 2012 in Tools and Tips

Mistrusting your contractor can be the most stressful element of home remodeling. How do you find a great contractor? How do you know who to trust? If a home renovation is the design equivalent of surgery, then consider your contractors... read full post →

Could a Botched Remodel Be the Homeowner’s Fault?

September 07, 2011 in Tools and Tips

Indirectly, yes. We’ve all heard horror stories about a remodel gone bad. The pitfalls of home renovation have been popular subjects for books, television and film comedies. For the homeowner caught in the middle of a remodeling... read full post →

Save Big This Father’s Day with a Home Energy Assessment

June 17, 2011 in Energy Efficiency

Want to get Dad something unique this Father’s Day? Something to help him live greener, save big on monthly energy bills, and add true, lasting value to his home? We have just the thing. CalFinder offers free home assessments for... read full post →

Sugru is Sweet as Sugar for DIYers

March 22, 2011 in Tools and Tips

If you’ve ever even thought about tackling a DIY project, then Sugru is for you. No—if you live in a home of any kind, then Sugru is for you. Whether you realize it or not, you will at some point need this miracle product. A... read full post →

Diggerslist: The Craigslist of Home Improvement Stuff

March 18, 2011 in Tools and Tips

What do you do with those home improvement supplies collecting dust in your basement? Or where can you find items at reasonable prices from individual sellers in your area? The answer to both of these questions is one in the same:... read full post →
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