6 Handy Remodeling Apps for Your iPhone

From on October 09, 2009 in Tools and Tips

iphone remodeling appsDon’t throw away your tool belt just yet… but with all the cool new home improvement apps floating around out there, you might want to find a spot for your iPhone in between your tape measure and your awl. With 35,000 total apps to choose from, some practical and some down right stupid (see “Pull My Finger” app), you’ll need an app to sort through your apps. Hey, that’s not a bad idea! Make that 35,001.

Until my new app for apps is available for download, here are the top 6 best home improvement-related apps that are to DIY for.

  1. iphone ihandy carpenter remodelingThe iHandy Carpenter - On second thought, maybe you can junk the tool belt with this amazing app that contains five separate carpentry tools that work with the landscape mode of your iphone and includes a surface level, bubble bar, protractor and ruler. When calibrated, the plum bob, level bar and surface level can work together to create a clinometer that both reads precise angles and scores a ten on the cool-o-meter.
  2. iphone colorsnap remodelingSherwin-Williams ColorSnap app - Take a picture of the sofa you want to match and this app will search and find the closest Sherwin-Williams paint color. You’ll never have to leaf through endless color samples or be at the mercy of crabby paint store clerks again. Benjamin Moore has a similar app coming out soon, but sorry Ben, you’re a little late to the dance on this one.
  3. iphone handyman sidekick remodelingHandyman Sidekick app - Leave your know-it-all brother-in-law at home and take your new sidekick to Home Depot, where this handy app works as a multi-purpose calculator that converts and saves units of measurement. You can calculate how many gallons of paint or rolls of wallpaper you’ll need to cover the bedroom, or how much grass seed or concrete you’ll need to convert that dirt farm you’ve been tending in your back yard. Plus, you don’t have to listen to it rattle on endlessly about the pluses and minuses of Kentucky Blue versus Creeping Fescue.
  4. iphone builders formulator calculator remodelingBuilders Formulator Calculator app - This app will set you back $10, but with over 200 formulas at your fingertips, the time and money you’ll save by not forgetting to carry the three will pay back times ten. Formulas for heating, concrete, piping, carpentry, excavating and area calculations are just the beginning of what this bad boy can do. It can even calculate heat loss and cooling requirements, and that’s a breath of fresh air (which it can calculate, too).
  5. iphone home improvement store finderHome Improvement Store Finder - This one sounds a little on the “duh” side of the spectrum, but have you ever tried to find the nearest Home Depot in Fresno, when you don’t Fres-know? Also gives you a quick phone number too, so if one store doesn’t have the faucet model you saw online, maybe another store across town can keep that dream alive.
  6. iphone inewz green remodelingINewz Green app - This app comes in handy during the inevitable lull in the action when you’re waiting for the primer to dry or your Brother-in-Law to show up with the Shopvac. You can browse for hours through articles and blogs on green-related topics, such as design, energy, science, technology and transportation. Warning: productivity may suffer.

Photo Credits: Mozami, AppShouter, Cool Hunting, TopTen Reviews, & apptism