5 Designer Tips for Your Dream Living Room

From on February 12, 2010 in Tools and Tips

Without a designer, how do people create a room that combines understated elegance with a clean contemporary look like this one? It’s all about balance. We’ll walk you through it.

#1 – Just Enough Color

designer tips color

Updated models of traditional dark furniture anchor the room, while a large canvas triptych in vibrant hues makes it fresh and vibrant. Shimmering drapes, a plush apricot throw and greenery are all that’s needed to add to the bright feel.

#2 - How an Ordinary Piece Comes to Life

designer tips living room

In the average living room, this brown sofa would be ordinary at best. Which makes it the perfect counterpart to showcase some extraordinary décor, like the fantastic stone-textured wall, white leather futon, and high-impact amoeba-esque painting. The rug and throw pillows tie it all together.

#3 - Complementing an Unusual Item

designer tips compliment

This living room shows that one unusual furniture item is all it takes to make a room special. The tufted sectional in soft grey is the centerpiece. A simple coffee table, reflective side tables, and a grouping of black and white pictures create a truly livable and modest, yet very stylish gathering place.

#4 - Balancing Light & Dark

designer tips balance

A monochromatic look is sleek and masculine. Smatterings of white, especially the shaggy rug, lighten it up a bit. A heavy coffee table would make this room drag. Instead, a streamlined coffee table with barely-there stainless steel legs offsets the largesse of the high-back black leather sofa.

The black-frame mirror is echoed by the interesting detail of the black-painted window frame, and that corner practically begs for the green plant. In most places, four small yellow candles would be lost among the clutter, but with so little color elsewhere, they pop on the shelf. It’s attention to detail that really says “design.”

#5 - Deep & Rich Accent Colors

designer tips accent colors

This living room is yummy, with bon-bon rose-inspired pillows and ottoman in vibrant red. The choice of textures and shapes used in the room, as well as the dainty furniture and lamp, keep it from looking too stark. Instead, the satiny oil painting, lampshade and carpet make it deep and rich. The rattan offers the needed texture, and the linen upholstery adds crispness and light.