Which are the Most Affordable Types of Siding?

From on July 11, 2011 in Siding


As you probably know, siding is one of the most noticeable, make-or-break elements of a home’s exterior. Not only should home siding sport eye-catching curb appeal and match your tastes, it must be equally functional, easily maintained, and affordable.

Types of Siding and How to Choose the Right Kind

Fortunately, there’s a type of siding for every budget. And you don’t need to over-spend to get quality materials. This article will help you narrow down your siding options based on price, strength, and aesthetic appeal. To get pricing for siding installation in your area, click here.

There are several popular types of siding. We recommend starting with these, and determining which siding material is best based on your local climate. Or check this full breakdown of siding costs.


Fiber Cement

A more contemporary material, fiber cement is very durable, resistant to damage by insects, easily installed (installs similar to wood siding) and maintained, gorgeous with the right color, and made from recycled sources. It’s also an excellent choice for environmentally conscious consumers. Fiber cement siding can be installed in bevels to emulate stucco panels, or to look almost exactly like wood shingles and more.


A very common material on new and old homes, vinyl siding is very affordable (even more so than other materials), quite durable, versatile (commonly retrofitted over older, existing siding), and available in many styles, including shingle and shake, and a wide array of colors. The downside, however, is that vinyl is easier to damage if impacted hard enough and is more susceptible to cracking in the winter.


Another very popular type (especially with new residences), aluminum siding is virtually maintenance-free, available in styles like ever-popular shingle or shake, and comes in materials like vinyl-clad (adds durability and color sustainability) and plastic-clad (adds even more durability and lowers maintenance). Aluminum by itself is cheap, but plastic- or vinyl-clad aluminum can drive up costs.


A popular option mostly of bygone days, wood siding is a beautiful, timeless material. It’s seldom employed today due to high maintenance, mainly re-painting, caulking, and weather-related issues.


Stucco siding consists of cement plaster, sand and water blended with other materials like lime, acrylics, and gypsum. It creates a very nice texture and stylish look, requires almost no maintenance, and is very versatile in color and texture. The only downsides are that it can crack when rest of the house is settling and during expansion of the material, and sometimes costs slightly more than vinyl or fiber cement.

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