Top Wood Siding for Winter Home Repairs

From on December 09, 2010 in Siding

With winter coming, you probably have home weather-protection on the brain, especially your siding. In fact, many homeowners have asked us recently which materials to consider, and what to expect for costs of installation.

Since siding largely determines the look of your home and its curb appeal, replacing it is the best way to set your home apart from the rest. We discussed how to know when your siding needs replacing, and now it’s time to talk materials. Here’s the skinny on wood siding—clapboard, engineered wood, cypress.

winter repair clapboard siding

Clapboard Siding

A great choice for those that love natural wood and old-world charm without major upkeep, clapboard offers a variety of looks without the hassle. Though not the most durable option, clapboard can be an affordable siding for those that just can’t stomach vinyl. Clapboard can be painted, sealed, stained, and comes in a variety of styles. Used in home construction since early America, many older New England houses boast clapboard siding, which is said to have kept them cool in summer and warm in winter.

Engineered Wood Siding

winter repair engineered wood As contractors have pushed forward into engineered wood, actual hardwood is less common, and requires a professional to make sure it’s installed and sealed properly for lasting durability (real wood is notoriously high-maintenance).

Because eco-friendly alternatives have come down in price quite a bit, engineered wood is a fantastic siding material. But many of these veneers are different in composition, so ask a contractor how to maintain your siding after installation for the longest life span possible.

Cypress Siding

winter repair cypress siding Used primarily in coastal and mountain areas, cypress siding looks amazing with any style, and is one of the most durable options around.

From ancient Greece to colonial America, cypress structures have endured centuries—yes, they can last hundreds of years if properly maintained, which includes reapplication of transparent stain and occasional power-washing. For the best results, look for grades #2 and better.

Because siding is second only to your roof in fending off damaging weather and elements, replacing it can be one of the best things do for your home. And why not do so in style?

Photo Credits: Joe Darrell Location Services, Mosby Building Arts, & Pollen