Don’t Skimp On Your Siding - Know When to Replace

From on October 26, 2010 in Siding

It can be hard to determine the right time to replace siding on your house—and how to go about it. There’s the choice of which contractor to hire, and what material to replace with.

replacement siding

While it may be tempting to skimp out on professional help, or to use less expensive materials, remember that you usually get what you pay for—and when it comes to the curb appeal and selling value of your home, you want quality.

When to Replace?

Although new siding can revolutionize the exterior and curb appeal of your home, aesthetics isn’t the only reason to replace. When siding and the space beneath the panels begin to break down and even rot, ignoring the need to replace can encourage even larger structural damage. Have a contractor come out to give you an estimate—this way, you’ll know for sure if replacement is necessary and what options are in your budget.

Siding Materials to Use

replacement siding materials An increasingly common choice for homeowners, vinyl can strike a good balance between cost and aesthetic. Vinyl is relatively low-cost at around $2-7 or more for panels installed by a contractor and low-maintenance (no more repainting, for one thing). One homeowner said that since they’ve put up vinyl siding, “people have been stopping by and asking where we got it,” and neighbors and total strangers have named theirs the best house on the block.

Consider also concrete siding, which looks like wood and can even be painted, or steel vertical siding, which is more expensive that vinyl but often also holds up better over time.

Contractors to Find

replacement siding contractors Finding a great contractor is as easy as searching right here on CalFinder. While installing siding can be a head-scratching new experience for the general public, contractors are extremely proficient at streamlining such a task.

Remember to draw up a written contract together on even the smallest siding jobs. They will include a final price for the project, materials to be used, and dates within which the project will be done—as well as the manufacturer’s warranty. You can start comparing quotes in a few minutes by filling out an estimate form. Happy remodeling!

Photo Credit: Arthur Gouveia, Dean Beeler, & Bart Everson