Rooftop Square Footage: A Vastly Underused Resource

From on April 28, 2010 in Roofing

Despite their immeasurable potential, commercial rooftops across the country remain one of the most underused building resources out there. The concept is simple: with all this flat and wide-open space, often in the heart of desirable urban city centers, why is so much rooftop square footage going to waste? You could build upward, install a garden/compost system, or better yet – a solar rooftop array to supply the building’s electricity needs. rooftop space skyline Or, you can do as Mac-Interactive Architects did in Australia, and convert an unused rooftop into a killer penthouse suite overlooking the Sydney Harbour. So how did a cramped one-bedroom apartment on the top floor become a roomy two-bedroom penthouse? Design ingenuity and upward thinking. They expanded the flat roof by building a box made entirely of recycled timber, copper and glass. This became the expanded living area. rooftop space penthouse And check out those views. Sleek and modern touches made the city skyline feel like the perfect backdrop. rooftop space walkway Not only did this remodel make the clients happy, but it might just pave the way for rooftop expansions in the future. After all, using less land creates good karma. rooftop space kitchen