Kenneth Cobonpue

From on September 22, 2009 in Locations

I love learning about green living. So many awesome lifestyle ideas come from our ancestors and yet, thousands of equally marvelous ideas come to fruition everyday from people of my own generation.


Designer Kenneth Cobonpue

creates furniture that is just beautiful to look at. I wouldn’t even need to use it – just having it around to marvel at would be enough for me. He uses locally sourced organic materials for his collections, as well as innovative modern techniques to create furniture that is practical and functional. Plus, it’ll become the most interesting art you could possibly have in your home.

As far as his “locally sourced” materials go, it’s hard to say exactly where Kenneth calls home. Born in the Philippines, he studied and worked abroad in glorious places like Italy and Germany. The designer has offices in Washington, D.C. (yay - local to me!), Portugal and the Philippines, not to mention distributors all over the world. You can find his creations in 12 states, including Hawaii, Florida, Texas, Massachusetts, DC, California, Colorado and New Mexico.

One of the things I like best about Cobonpue’s innovations is that his materials consist of a few common, pronounceable and mostly natural items. Remember that ice cream commercial where a little girl tried to read the list of ingredients from a competitor’s label? That’s what most products are like today. Compare that to Cobonpue’s list: abaca (Manila hemp), aluminum, bamboo, buri (Philippine palm), fabrics, polyethylene and rattan (climbing palm).

You’ve got to check out the Noodle collection. It may sound limp and lazy, but it’s bold and swirly and fun to look at. The furniture is made from rattan vines wrapped around a metal frame and it comes in a deep, rich brown.

Give me a cup of coffee and leave me there in the morning, and I’ll be the limp and lazy noodle, for sure.