Green Wednesday: 7 Recycled Roofing Manufacturers

From on September 24, 2008 in Roofing

Recycled Shake Shingles

In an informative article about trends in recycled roofing, Heidi J. Ellsworth writes, “Energy Star®, recycling, green roofs — all buzzwords in an industry that is making a transition to the world of sustainable building products. The roofing industry is on the environmental fast track. From shingle wraps that read ‘please recycle’ to asphalt roofing recycling centers to a commitment with the new Energy Star program, roofing manufacturers and contractors are offering several different forms of earth friendly products and services.”

As you explore roofing materials with your roofing contractor, having some information about the trend in recycled roofing materials can be useful. Here are 7 companies that offer recycled roofing products:

  1. Re-New Wood, Inc. This company manufactures the eco-shake shingle, designed to resemble and replace wood shake shingles.
  2. Green Building Supply. A variety of options are available at this environmentally friendly home center, including EcoStar Majestic Slate Tile, designed to look and feel like natural slate.
  3. Phoenix Organics. This Garden & Farm/Eco Building Center recommends the Authentic Roof, a completely recyclable product made from recycled material.
  4. Authentic Roof. Speaking of Authentic Roof, this product makes our list at # 4.
  5. Titan Roof Systems. This company makes environmentally friendly roofing products made from composites.
  6. Vermont Recycled Slate & Roofing, Inc. This company manufactures various slate facsimiles.
  7. Vintage Roof Tile. Check out these recyclers of clay roof tiles.