Check Your Roofing Before Winter Shakes Things Up

From on October 29, 2010 in Roofing

With snowy and blustery weather just around the corner, now is the time to evaluate your roof and consider replacement options. As an essential component of a secure home, roofing doesn’t just look good—it protects your home from a slew of other problems.

If your own roof needs a check-up, have a contractor come by to see it. Only then will you know for certain which repairs it needs—before you let winter do its worst.

Which Materials are Best?

Your choice of materials depends on your zoning regulations and your climate, as well as your tastes. Standard asphalt is cheaper, more accessible, and can get the job done, but paying up a little can go a long way. Aside from other good materials, such as clay, plant and marble, consider two different options: cedar and metal.

Western Red Cedar Shingles

Natural red cedar wood shake, for instance, is a more expensive but very attractive shingle. Durable and beautiful, the wood can add texture and color to your home’s exterior. This materials is great for colder climates, but extremely hot areas discourage and even ban cedar roofing (Texas, we’re looking at you) due to fire hazards.

Metal Roofing Ideas

Metal roofing, primarily used in architect-commissioned houses, has found its way around. Metal is no louder or hotter than other roofing materials, and can be installed over your existing roof, improving the overall sound barrier. While not ideal in places that receive extreme amounts of hail, metal can be a great industrial-chic accompaniment to the latest and greatest architectural materials. Don’t despair if you don’t want to replace the whole roof. Renovations are also possible. Find out how much your specific roofing project would cost you with a free price quote, and go from there. While replacing shingles may seem simple enough, we recommend contacting a contractor for the best results.

Photo: TheConstructionCentre, NewCenturyExteriors