The 8 Best Blogs for Homeowners 2012

From on January 25, 2012 in Remodeling News

Ah. A new year. New ideas. And plans to finally get to those home remodels you’ve hand on your brain for so many months. You’ve got your steaming coffee nearby and you’re rubbing your hands together, ready to start. You’ve got the movitation, now you just need the inspiration. Here are the 8 best blogs for homeowners in 2012.

1. Houzz

houzz-home-logoBasically a social network for the design-minded, this site is a great resource for finding examples of projects. You can click on a style and room, and peruse thousands of pictures of, say, traditional living rooms. If a particular picture inspires you, you can create your own ideabook and add as many pictures as you like. Think of it as a virtual scrapbook.

The only drawback is that Houzz allows any user to upload photos, so you might have to wade through some less-than-worthy examples, for your personal taste. But the flip side is that if you like a certain professional, you can access their company information (as well as tons of their portfolio pictures) and contact them directly.

2. CalFinder Remodeling


Plain and simple, has everything a homeowner needs. Not only can you browse contractors in your area, but you can click to get free estimates for any type of remodeling project you want. When you’re ready to compare pricing, breakdown average costs and shop contractors, this is the place to do it.

Still in the ideas phase? CalFinder also features design galleries of every room in the home, including beautiful bathroom remodeling pictures, kitchen remodeling ideas, types of windows for your window replacement project, and more. This is the place where home improvement dreams are born, refined and executed—on time and on budget.

3. MoCo Loco


This frequently updated online magazine is focused on all things modern. From architecture to interior design and smaller accessories, MoCo Loco is a great resource for your modern-minded self.

You’ll also find on the site the latest design news, reviews, and what is happening throughout homes across the world.

It’s artsy, fun, and laid out in an intuitive way.

4. Inhabitat

inhabitat-logoInhabitat blends green design with innovative style. Who says that eco-friendly homes can’t be just as chic as everything else? Founder Jill Fehrenbacher has created an extensive site to help the regular folks sift through architectural design clutter to understand what products and companies can align with a green-minded home.

Like their mantra, good design is green design, green design is good design. You’ll find on this site hot trends and product reviews to help you on your green quest.

5. IKEA Hackers


This site is just fun. As its name suggests, IKEA Hackers takes traditional and popular IKEA furniture and offers ideas for personalizing it all. You can have that EXPEDIT bookshelf without screaming out “I shopped at IKEA.”

One idea suggests taking the LACK one-layered bookshelf bench and adding a plywood surface on top to serve as a toy storage cum train table for a toddler. If you’ want new energy and individuality in affordable furniture, this is your site.

6. Design Sponge

design-sponge-logoDesign Sponge offers a plethora of home renovations, products, and great design in general. My favorite feature on the site is the home tours you can take, virtually walking through someone’s home. The style on the site is consistently gentle and individual. And their before-and-after examples are too much fun. Get ready to get virtually lost in the site.

7. Apartment Therapy

apartment-therapy-logoYes, yes, you know it well or have at least heard of it. Apartment Therapy champions the average home-improvement-minded reader. With a philosophy that luxurious design doesn’t have to come at the expense of simplicity, this is a fantastic place for getting inspired.

The main benefit is the community that it has garnered, allowing readers to get on and comment, request sources, and give additional opinions. If you’re thinking of improving your own space, consider the various contests that run through the site.

8. Dezeen

dezeen-design-logoDezeen online magazine offers a hot source of breaking architectural and home decor news. You’ll never have to wonder if what you’re reading on the site is fresh—the team researches and posts new information daily. Founder and editor Marcus Fairs is a design journalist who has contributed his expertise to several magazines and other venues. See what’s happening now in the world of design.