Patio Pals: The DIY Summer Daydream

From on June 15, 2009 in Paving Stones


All signs point to this being a very DIY summer. Few of us want to sell, a lot of us want to improve, but less than most want to fork out the bucks. But don’t worry says the Argee Corporation, not when you can create your very own professional-quality patio in a matter of hours! Yes, Argee’s Patio Pal paver kit has patio construction down to a paint-by-number simplicity that, quite honestly, is hard to ignore.

It works like this:

  1. Measure the desired area for your patio and build a frame out of a durable, rot-resistant wood such as cedar.
  2. Fill that frame with sand and then level it. This surface will be the base for your brick pavers.
  3. Mist the sand with water.
  4. Add the interlocking Patio Pals on top of the sand base and simply add the bricks into the designated slots.
  5. When all the bricks are laid, fill the gaps by sweeping sand or dry mortar across the surface of the patio-to-be.
  6. Finally, simply mist the patio with water and the sand will harden like cement.
  7. Enjoy your brand new patio!!

If the above process sounds easy that’s because it is. Depending on the size of your desired patio, you could literally have a new backyard hangout in a matter of hours. Get a visual glance at this straightforward process at the Argee website.

For $9.95 you can purchase a pack of 10 Patio Pals, which will cover roughly 20 square feet. That means for 50 bucks (on top of sand and brick) you could have an easy-to-build 100 square foot patio...certainly worth a look for homeowners who want a rewarding DIY project. Patio Pals, in addition to effortlessly aligning the bricks for you, will block out any weeds and are manufactured with holes in the bottom for easy drainage. They are also practical for walkways (two patio pals side by side) and can be arranged to form custom patterns.