Will you Need Scaffolding to Paint your Home?

From on April 28, 2008 in Painting

So you’re painting the exterior of your home. In tallying up foreseeable costs and materials, you may wonder: will the job require scaffolding? Basic scaffolding typically consists of steel or aluminum tubes, boards comprising the work surfaces, and couplers to hold the fittings together. The scaffolding must have a good foundation and stability to ensure safety. Remodeling CaliforniaEddie Katzir, co-owner of Remodeling California, says not all multi-level projects require scaffolding. “It all depends on the ground level and whether or not there is good access. For instance, if the home is on a hillside, there might be some serious restrictions due to safety issues.” On the street side, similar safety constraints may prevent the assembly of scaffolding Why would you want scaffolding? The structure can ensure that the crew has access to all areas, including elevated locations, thus resulting in a thorough and efficient job. “In general, scaffolding is very useful for painting multi-level, high properties,” Katzir adds. Drawbacks include additional time and materials. “Erecting scaffolding definitely has an additional cost (expensive) and it takes about a day to prepare it. It can even cause additional delays.” To determine if your painting project requires scaffolding, have your contractor assess your home’s unique site. The constraints of ground level and location vary from home to home and must be assessed on an individual basis. CalFinder is a free referral service for homeowners. We ensure that all our contractors have current license and insurance and we ask for 10 references before signing anyone on. Get your project started on the right track with an estimate from Remodeling California or a certified contractor near you.