What is the Strie Painting Method?

From on June 25, 2008 in Painting

strie-paint.jpgThere are many creative ways to dress-up your walls apart from standard texture and wallpaper. Many of these stylish designs are accomplished through applying special techniques when painting. One of these techniques is called strie painting, and can be quite attractive. Strie painting is a form of faux painting, and is characterized by its striped design. The whole idea behind faux techniques is to imitate the real thing through the skillful application of paint. Strie painting is no exception; recreating the look of wood, or simply adding delicate definition to an otherwise plain wall.

Using a standard paint brush, apply a glaze over an existing paint color to a section of the wall. In order to maintain control of your design, only do a small portion at a time. Working vertically, start at the top and drag your brush evenly downward. This should add lines to your glaze, and you can wipe them as faint as you like or leave them stronger and more defined. Repeat the technique over the whole wall and allow to dry. Choose your brush based on the look you hope to achieve, doing a practice session before tackling the whole project. Older brushes work well as the bristles are stiffer, and you can even use steal wool.

Strie painting is popular because it brings subtle design without being too obvious. Achieving straight lines can be a bit of a challenge, but with patient practice, eventually a satisfying result will be obtained. If you would like assistance with your painting project from a skilled painting contractor, then request free painting estimates from pre-screened painting contractors in your area.

photo courtesy of www.chuckastonedesigns.com