Washable, Easy Living Wallpapers

From on March 16, 2009 in Painting

One of the reasons that wallpaper is becoming more popular again is its increased washability factor. Some decades ago, wallpapers were largely replaced by wallcoverings made of fabrics such as linen or grasscloth, which were bonded to a backing. These wallcoverings are more durable and easier to hang than traditional wallpapers, but their expense as well as the fact that they are usually not washable makes them inefficient choices for many settings. childrensroompaper.gifAccording to USA Wallpaper, source of thousands of wallpaper styles and dozens of brands, “Almost all wallpapers made today are vinyl coated. This means that the wallpaper is made of a paper substrate and then treated, or coated, with a vinyl or acrylic type vinyl. These wallpapers are classified as scrubbable and strippable and are suitable for most areas.Dwell recently posted an article by Laure Joliet about a new line of washable wallpapers for kids. She writes, “Living with kids and living in style can often feel like a catch-22. If it isn’t the clutter of all the stuff that seems to tag along with them, then it’s the messes that inevitably get made when no one is looking. For walls that seem to attract fingerprints, markers, and food, glossy washable paint has been the best bet, but who wants glossy paint everywhere? Ferm Living’s new washable wallpaper may solve the dilemma.” fermwallpaper.jpgFerm Living, based in Denmark, features an extensive line of washable wallpapers called WallSmart. In addition to designs created for children’s rooms, there are many choices for other settings. For lovers of modern and/or Scandinavian design, this source for washable wallpapers is definitely one to explore. An article about wallpapers on ineed2know.org indicates that “Durable wallpaper that is vinyl or vinyl coated is best for bathrooms and high traffic kitchens. This is because of the scrubbable feature of these papers.” pinkwallpaper.jpgAmerican Blinds, another huge online emporium of products for the home, features many washable wallpapers in its collection. In the Types of Paper section, the company’s experts say, “Of all the kinds of wallpaper, vinyl is the most versatile and durable. Best suited for areas such as kitchens and bathrooms, it comes in a great variety and a broad price range. For do-it-yourselfers, it’s also the easiest to hang. There are 3 kinds of vinyl wallpapers: a vinyl sheet attached to a paper back, a vinyl sheet attached to a cloth back, and vinyl-impregnated cloth attached to a paper back. Use vinyl wallpaper in children’s rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, hallways, or anywhere in your home.” Get free quotes from certified painting contractors where you live!