Wake Up Your Walls With Art

From on August 03, 2009 in Painting

Art is for life. Buy quality art and you will never tire of it. I have walked into homes where I immediately sense an off-balanced feeling, and it’s usually due to the art on the walls. It’s either the wrong size for the wall space, the colors clash with the frame, or better yet, the whole thing clashes with the wall paint. The key is finding quality art that is timeless, offers a sense of balance and ultimately gets hung on an appropriately sized wall (in proportion to the art piece.)

Featured artist


If you really want to wake up your walls (especially if they’re plain white), then you’ll love the colorful art by Robin Hiers. My home is a Robin Hiers art gallery. I literally have 18 of her pieces. Every room in my home is painted a different color from sage to gold to pale blue, and her art goes perfectly with all of them.

Robin’s choice of mediums include oils, pastels, and acrylic, and her artistic style is compared to Matisse with a dab of David Hockney. Besides the artwork that’s featured on Robin’s website, she also offers commission art.

Here are a few of Robin’s pieces:


Visit the Robin Hiers online gallery!