It’s Amazing What a True Artist Can Do

From on July 27, 2010 in Painting

Honestly, when you mention house painting to me, I cringe. Painting is messy, it requires a lot of preliminary steps, like taping and draping, and then there’s selecting colors.

faux wallpaper finishers

For an indecisive, klutzy person, painting can be a nightmare. But then again, so can remodeling. This is why we have professionals.faux living room finishers Professional faux finishers can accomplish both tasks—the painting AND remodeling—all in one fell swoop.

Faux painters transform your walls by painting them to look like fabric or some other materials that’s un-wall-like. Over the years, however, faux finishers have evolved their skills to include practically every surface of the home. It’s a great way to give any room an entirely different image without having to hire an architect or contractor, and without pulling permits or living in a dust cloud for months.

Not only is faux finishing a lot less trouble than remodeling, it’s much cheaper. So, if you’re on a tight budget (and I think most of us are these days), you may want to consider hiring a faux finisher. It’s also a fast option when you have a quickly approaching deadline on your project, so give it some consideration.

faux finishersDo some research first, though, to make sure that the faux finishers you invite to bid on the work have experience in painting on various surfaces. Many faux finishers are the traditional wall-painting type, but what you want is a professional with experience in transforming all the fixtures in the room. Pay special attention to the cabinetry, countertops, light fixtures, columns and beams, tiles and moldings.

Most faux finishers are also colorists. Not only can they help you decide on a new look, but they can also work with items you want to complement or match.

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