Sexy Kitchen and Bathroom Ideas all Decked in Black

From on January 11, 2010 in Painting

It’s the home design-equivalent of chopping off your long brown hair and getting that dramatic, red, blunt-cut bob you’ve always wished you had the guts to try. Could you paint even one boring white wall in your house all-black… and love it? sexy black kitchen painting ideas If you’re really looking to transform a space, then go glossy black – everywhere. This makeover challenges the notion that black must be dark and dreary. Applied with panache, it’s sleek and sophisticated, and not the least bit cold. black living room painting ideas Before you naysay such a bold move, imagine this room without that matte-black backdrop. Say it was your living room, and you took the time to find these cool, sleek pieces of furniture and accessories. I challenge you to say the dark wall doesn’t add a tremendous amount of style to the whole look, without being overwhelming! What I love about it is the simplicity – one wall, pow! - and you’re done. And it’s chalkboard paint, so you can write on it and decorate with words, too. sexy black bathroom painting ideas And, finally, a truly creative way with black – burnished and fading to gray for a distressed black-leather look. Quite possibly my favorite. Whether it’s one wall or a whole room, bringing in some sexy black is a guaranteed way to exchange dullness for excitement, and a great way to start the new year.