Replacing Outdated Acoustic Popcorn Ceilings

From on March 10, 2009 in Painting


Acoustic popcorn ceilings feel outdated, and in some cases, they even contain asbestos. Rolly Rodriquez of Sunset Professional Painting says houses that are 15 to 20 years old usually don’t contain the toxin. However, if your home was built 30 or 40 years ago, as are many of the homes in Hayward, Oakland, and San Francisco, asbestos could be an issue. Asbestos can permeate the dust in the air during remodeling, so be sure to hire a professional when it comes time to upgrade.

Rolly says even his clients in newer Contra Costa County homes who don’t have to worry about asbestos want the feel of a brand new home – without the popcorn look. During this task, Rolly and his crew will make sure:

  1. All the caking and mudding is removed along with the popcorn ceiling.
  2. All holes from screws are covered with a joint compound prior to applying new texture.
  3. A flat working surface is created.
  4. After applying texture (two popular types used by Sunset are orange peel and small, medium, or large knockdown texture), PVA primer is applied.
  5. A topcoat finish is professionally applied.

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Interior painting photo by Sunset Professional Painting