Remodeling in Color: Ideas for Getting the Look Just Right

From on June 07, 2010 in Painting

remodeling color green pinkGreen could stand on its own, but pairs beautifully with most any color, from blue to gray to this great hot pink.

Color. Although choosing the right hue and integrating it into your home can be daunting, getting it right can revolutionize a space. Color is a cheap and effective way to express yourself and your aesthetic, and I won’t deny that I consider some colors superior to others in what they can do for a room.

But the process requires much forethought and knowledge about color itself. Color specialists suggest sticking with about three colors to create continuity throughout your home, and using them in varying proportions. You should reacquaint yourself with the color wheel and become an expert on which colors complement which.

Though all colors can be stunning when they reach their potential in a conscientious space, the colors green, blue, and white get my vote for their versatility, their pair-ability, and their sheer awesomeness. Take a look.

remodeling color green red

This green takes on a stronger look with red– a modern nod to the fifties.

remodeling color navy blue

Navy gets a regal spin here, but is brought down to earth when paired with lighter, rougher furniture.

remodeling color navy florals

Pair navy with florals and light complementary colors to take its nautical edge off. Creates a bold yet feminine space.

remodeling color white kitchenWhite can be anything but boring when layers upon layers are added. The key is to focus on texture, and rooms like this have no lack of dimension.

remodeling color white

And white doesn’t have to mean cottagey. Here’s a breathtaking living room in an apartment in Paris. Lots of light, a focus on simple detailing, and even attention to vertical variation throughout the room. Voila

Photo Credit: Design Sponge, Carla Lane, ElleDecor, Homes &Gardens, Vintage by Nina & Great Interior Design