Q&A: Can You Paint Aluminum Siding?

From on September 04, 2008 in Painting

aluminum sidingAluminum siding is quite common on trailers, sheds, barns, and even some houses. Although wood, vinyl, and concrete are all more popular, aluminum is still preferred for specific purposes. It is available in vertical or horizontal panels; you can even find aluminum siding resembling shakes or shingles. Aluminum siding comes in many different colors, but is it possible to repaint it after the initial installation?

Fortunately, you are not restricted to the color that was popular at the time of installation. Aluminum siding is quite conducive to paint; it simply requires that you follow a specific process. Over time, the elements break down the finish of the paint, causing it to bubble and eventually peel. In actuality, aluminum really isn’t any more troublesome than other materials, though it has its disadvantages. Most structures require repainting at some point.

  • Before applying new paint, clean your siding by scrubbing it with a scrub brush and hot soap and water. Avoid using a powerwasher as it can get behind the siding and cause water damage within the walls.
  • Be sure to remove any loose paint while you’re at it.
  • After the siding is dry, apply an oil-based metal primer. A tinted primer will not only reduce the number of coats of paint needed, but will help to prevent the reoccurrence of a bubbled or rough surface.
  • For your paint, choose a high quality acrylic, latex-based exterior house paint.
  • Don’t rush your project, and be sure to only apply during good weather and appropriate temperatures.

So the answer is definitely yes; with some careful preparation you can make your aluminum siding as good as new. Request free home painting estimates from skilled painting contractors in your area today to repaint your building.