Painting Pro says “Earth Tones Are In”

From on September 05, 2008 in Painting

painted room interiorPeter Cagner, the General Manager at CertaPro of Riverside, believes all styles and trends go in cycles. Years ago, he says, it was common for people to make bold statements with their home colors. “Now it’s the opposite. People have been toning down the bold colors and going towards earth tones, with an accent color that might be a little bold, but just enough to show the homeowner’s personality.”

One with Nature

According to Peter, bringing a sense of nature into a paint scheme makes the home look warm and inviting. He believes today’s color choices reflect a heightened sense of environmental awareness. “Earth tones make the neighborhood feel one with nature and, in a sense, blend in to the surroundings. The continuity between the earth tones and the surroundings actually makes the overall area feel more suburban, and that is the whole point – to get away from the urban areas.”

Color Recommendations

If you are interested in finding a color palette of your own, Peter says today’s top choices are subtle browns, tans, grey, green, yellow, and auburn. Keep in mind that earth tones are going indoors as well. “The earth tones tend to make a room look a little smaller than white, or other colors, and at the same time make the home feel warm, inviting, and lived in,” Peter says. “This is big departure from years ago, when the trend was white or light colors that made the home feel sterile.”

Highlighting Personality

To give today’s rooms purpose as well as personality, Peter recommends using one wall as an accent wall. “Accent colors are there to give the house just enough character, to show the personality of the person selecting the colors, and that’s perfect.”

It’s interesting to discover what a seasoned painting contractor like Peter has learned through years of painting. Evidently, a lot of personal style goes into color selection. Peter believes a home is what you make it. “If you are cold and uninviting the house will follow. If you are a warm and inviting person, it will show through the color choices and make the house warm and inviting.”

Brand Recommendations

If you’re looking for a specific brand, Peter recommends quality paints like the Sherwin Williams and Dunn Edwards higher end paint lines. “The quality of paint is noticeable. There are contractors out there who will cut down the paint using water, as much as 50/50 water to paint, to increase their profits. The paint may be a water base, but it ruins the paint to cut it down with water. All look good when they go up, but the upper-end paints walk away in durability and vibrancy from lower-end and budget paint. I explain this to my customers; 95% pay a little more and love it.”

A Lifestyle Choice

Painting your home is not just something you can check off a list. It is something you’ll live with everyday. It is a lifestyle choice. Working with a contractor who understands this can make all the difference. Peter Cagner is one of those contractors. “Remember, painting your home, whether interior or exterior, is a statement about who you are and your personality. Choose colors wisely. Take the surroundings into consideration, but do not be scared to try new things. Remember, it is only paint and it is not permanent. One last thing, choose better quality paints and your project will always come out the way you want it.”

If you select earth tones, the overall feel is warmth, tranquility, peace, and quiet. “In my opinion, bringing these qualities into your living environment, lowers stress and gives a lived-in feeling to the home,” Peter says. “It makes others feel invited and comfortable to be at your home.”

Peter Cagner is a certified painting contractor for CertPro of Riverside, which services the Riverside Metropolitan Area, San Bernadino, Redlands, Loma Linda, Yucaipa, and Moreno Valley. To receive free estimates from painting contractors like Peter or others in your area, contact CalFinder today!