My DYI Project Over the Weekend: Day 1 of House Painting

From on July 29, 2008 in Painting

painting toolsWe all want to achieve the American dream of home ownership; but along with your name on a title comes all of the maintenance and repairs. When we purchased our first home almost two years ago, a 1910 craftsman, we noticed very little that needed repair.

Needless to say, to date we have built an addition, remodeled two bathrooms, done a complete kitchen remodel, repainted, and landscaped the yard. We finally thought we were done, and were looking forward to our first weekend that we could relax in what seemed like ages. That was, until I noticed some small picture holes that needed patching, dotting the walls of the family room. Should be an easy fix, right? Wrong. We patched the holes and touched up the taupe paint with the can the previous owners had conveniently left. A couple of hours later, we returned to find our walls stylishly spotted with polka-dots in a slightly lighter shade than the rest of the smoky-brown room. Obviously, the previous owners had mixed the paint color with something else, leaving us with having to repaint the whole room.

Sure it was frustrating, but already a small room, it could actually benefit by having a lighter color on the walls. We set to work, and between keeping our busy one-year-old out of the wet paint and off of the eight-foot ladder, we first applied a primer to the walls, and then the first coat of paint.

Although tired by the end of the day, it felt satisfying to see the improvement in the room. Despite the work that accompanies homeownership, you also get to enjoy the pride and sense of accomplishment of a job well done. Like us, if you are worn-out from do-it-yourself projects dominating your time, just request the help of a prescreened painting contractor in your area.