Interior and Exterior Stenciling Possibilities

From on July 07, 2008 in Painting

wall stencilStenciling is quite popular in current home design, and there are multiple ways to use it both inside and out. You can keep it as simple as a simple border around your ceiling, or do something as elaborate as a detailed pattern all over your fence.

Most of us are quite familiar with interior design options. Stenciling can be used to add elegant touches to painted walls. Use it to dress-up a piece of furniture, or how about your cabinets? Stenciling can also be used on wood floors. Add a decorative pattern or a solid border to separate rooms, or use it to imitate a rug. Try stenciling when finishing interior cement floors. The list is endless; basically, you can use stenciling pretty much anywhere your heart desires.

Stenciling hasn’t caught on as much for exterior purposes, but you’d be surprised how many striking possibilities exist. Use stenciling to dress-up a deck or patio, or to create a theme design with your flower pots and patio furniture. You can even add some gingerbread designs to your siding and trim. What better way to make your home uniquely your own than by adding your favorite stencils?

Fresh paint in general can go a long way in updating your home, and the addition of style and design can only amplify the effect. Stenciling can be a fun do-it-yourself project. However, for a pattern of any significant size, it does require meticulous skill and patience. If you would like the help of a pre-screened contractor, then request free estimates from skilled painting professionals in your area.