Green Wednesday: American Clay Gets an “A”

From on February 27, 2008 in Painting

For being green, that is. The wall finish was featured in the March 2008 list of 16 Best Green Design products by Popular Mechanics. Made from natural clays and minerals, it’s an alternative to traditional paint, stucco, or other finishes that have toxic compounds. But there are other reasons why you might want to use this product to enhance the interior of your home. Here are some of them. American ClayNegative ions, a positive thing Found freely in nature, negative ions help humans absorb oxygen and feel more energized. Fresh country air is filled with negative ions; computers, televisions, and synthetic plastics emit a positive charge. When in contact with water, clay releases negatively charged particles into the air. So, when walls with American Clay breathe, they help make the atmosphere of the room healthier, even reducing the effects of electronics in office. Just mix with water, and save fuel American Clay is not shipped ready-to-use. This is because adding water to the product increases its weight significantly, which contributes to higher fuel costs. Instead, you can mix the water in at home. Another good thing about water mixing – you can always use the leftovers at a later time. When the leftover product dries up, it’ll be ready for another application once you add more water. Also, when you’re applying the clay, it takes awhile for the surface to set, so you can work with the material for several days. Color and texture galore American Clay color packs come in 35 colors, not to mention the limitless selection of custom colors. The 3 primary finishes are Loma, for a finely honed texture, as well as a range of depths; Porcelina, for a marble smooth, polished finish; and Marittimo, the strongest of the 3, made with crushed shell aggregates for a speckled finish. The possible textures you can create with these finishes are as endless as your imagination. Common textures include sponge, float, mica, and straw. Whatever you choose, clay will imbibe your indoor rooms with a rich, decadent quality reminiscent of the Old World. In addition, earth plasters won’t mold or fade, are easily repairable, and help control moisture. Looking for a pre-screened painting contractor? CalFinder is a free screening service for homeowners. We’ll give you estimates from professional, reliable house painters.