Epoxy Coatings Make Garage Floors Easier

From on July 09, 2008 in Painting

garage-floor.jpgGarage floors are most commonly made out of concrete. Concrete, or cement, tends to be porous in nature and over time can become stained and difficult to clean. One way to overcome this, and to help your garage maintain an attractive appearance, is through the use of epoxy coatings.

Epoxy coatings are chosen for garage floors because they are more durable than regular paints, will resist oils, and if properly installed will not peel. Preparation is perhaps the most important element in obtaining a successful result. It is important to prepare the cement surface with an acid cleaner before applying the epoxy. Make sure the concrete is completely dry before proceeding with the epoxy. This will make the surface more susceptible to accepting the epoxy, reducing the risk for peeling later-on.

There are three different choices available in epoxy coatings. Epoxies consist of resins mixed with solvents or water to make them easier to use. The 100% solids will have the highest amount of epoxy, but will harden quickly and are best left to the professionals. The second option, and the one that offers the most color options, is the solvent based variety. This type contains between 40%-60% epoxy, and the rest are solvents that will evaporate. If you decide to use this variety, be sure to be very careful not to breathe the dangerous fumes. The last option is water based, and while it doesn’t contain the harmful solvents, it is only available in two or three colors.

Coating your garage floor with a durable material will help your garage appear cleaner, and actually make cleaning easier. If you would like the assistance of a skilled painting contractor in your area, then request free estimates today.