Creating Spectacular Wallpaper Murals

From on April 02, 2009 in Painting


Are you looking for originality when it comes to a room change? Well this type of alteration is just a mouse click away. Wallpaper murals are growing in popularity and come in a variety sizes. These products are specially designed for any room of the house or office.

How would you like to be transported to a dream destination for less than $100 dollars? How about a spectacular location like Cyprus Point at Pebble Beach, or perhaps a walk through the coconut palms of Bora-Bora?

beach.jpgWallpaper murals can also transform a child’s room. Show them the universe. Yes, I mean the actual galaxy: the sun and planets. Buying a wallpaper mural is certainly a great option and chances are you can pick up some pretty cool savings by ordering online. But how about creating your own spectacular wallpaper mural? How exactly can you do that?


  • The first step is to find a company that will take a personal photo, family photo, or art work and transfer the image into wallpaper form.
  • greenforest.jpg
  • Next is preparation. The key to hanging wallpaper is having a smooth surface to apply it onto. Sand down any bumps of paint, fill in cracks and nail holes with compound. You’ll want to prime and paint the wall to achieve a clean smooth look.
  • arches.jpg
  • There are two ways to hang wallpaper. It comes with prepasted paper or without. Keep in mind, wallpaper murals are very difficult projects because hanging wallpaper correctly requires accuracy and precision. It can get a little overwhelming, which may cause the project to look unprofessional. That’s why I highly recommend hiring a professional to finish your wallpaper mural. Below are some companies that specialize in customized wallpaper murals. The mural examples shown throughout the blog are from Murals Your Way.