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Wake Up Your Walls With Art

August 03, 2009 in Painting

Art is for life. Buy quality art and you will never tire of it. I have walked into homes where I immediately sense an off-balanced feeling, and it’s usually due to the art on the walls. It’s either the wrong size for the wall... read full post →

Secret DIY Guide to Painting Stairs, Stencils, & Decorative Runners

July 30, 2009 in Painting

Wood stairs need to be spruced up from time to time. Do it yourself in two days or less. A fresh coat of paint works wonders, or if you’re feeling crafty, overhaul the stairs with new stenciling or even paint a decorative stair... read full post →

Creating Spectacular Wallpaper Murals

April 02, 2009 in Painting

Are you looking for originality when it comes to a room change? Well this type of alteration is just a mouse click away. Wallpaper murals are growing in popularity and come in a variety sizes. These products are specially designed for any... read full post →

5 Scrubbable Paint Options

March 31, 2009 in Painting

Kitchens, bathrooms, children’s rooms – these are the places where the need to occasionally scrub the painted walls and surfaces is most likely. You’ve probably noticed that after umpteen rub-downs with cleaners and sponges,... read full post →

Washable, Easy Living Wallpapers

March 16, 2009 in Painting

One of the reasons that wallpaper is becoming more popular again is its increased washability factor. Some decades ago, wallpapers were largely replaced by wallcoverings made of fabrics such as linen or grasscloth, which were bonded to a... read full post →
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