5 Insider's Painting Tips to Sell Your Home

From on July 26, 2010 in Painting

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Everybody knows that selling your home is tough, especially in a market like this. But what most people don’t know is that there are easy, inexpensive tricks to set your home above the rest—and those tricks involve paint. In fact, says paint expert Debbie Zimmerman of the Paint Quality Institute, projects as simple as repainting your front door may be “the best investment you ever make.”

Debbie gave us her top 5 list of expert painting tips to sell your home. Make sure yours gets the quality pick-me-up it deserves.

#1 – Paint Your Front Door

painted door Plain and simple, the front entrance of your home is the first impression buyers will get. A neatly painted front door speaks volumes about the rest of your property—that it’s well-maintained and cared for, certainly, but also that your home stands out from neighboring homes on the block. Debbie recommends top-quality 100% acrylic latex paint.

#2 – Spruce Up the Mailbox

painting mailbox It may seem small, but property beauty is in the details. When buyers pull up to your house, what’s one of the first things they see? Your mailbox. Add a fresh coat of paint and watch them continue on up the driveway.

#3 – Bring New Life to Your Front Deck

staining front deck If you’ve owned your home for several years, then your deck has probably been pummeled a few times by Mother Nature. Reverse the damage by power-washing and staining your deck. This will immediately get rid of any signs of aging while ensuring potential buyers that no additional work needs to be done.

#4 – Accentuate the Details

painting window accents In order to make each room pop, give chair railings, crown moldings, baseboards and window frames an extra coat of paint. Or, if your home has architectural accents on the exterior, such as window shutters, make sure those are given a fresh and clean appearance as well. This will keep your home’s best attributes shining for all to see.

#5 – Embrace White Walls

painting white walls While you may love your purple walls, the next homeowner most likely will not. Give potential buyers a blank canvas to work with by painting over any walls that wouldn’t be considered neutral.

Yes, selling your home is possible, especially when you make a spectacular first impression. Now pick up that brush and get painting!

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