Oakland Renewal and Contractors to Help

From on June 17, 2009 in Locations

dieden.jpgPhoto credit: Diedon Co.

Oakland, CA, is 400,000 people strong, and since its founding in 1852, it—like so many other major cities—has earned its way to the need for urban renewal over many years and chapters of modern history. Oakland’s Redevelopment Agency, with its focus of development and renewal, is forging ahead with many projects despite budgetary constraints related to the general economic climate. Exemplary of many urban renewal programs, projects for Oakland include:

  • New housing
  • Home rehabilitation
  • Expanded retail
  • Beautified parks
  • Attractive streetscapes
  • Refreshed commercial buildings
  • New businesses inside once-vacant storefronts
  • More opportunities for neighborhoods

jdog.jpgPhoto credit: JDog Construction

In other words, there’s a whole lotta remodeling and construction goin’ on!

Interspersed throughout this article are photographs of remodeling and construction projects done by a few of the many CalFinder-certified Oakland contractors.

The Redeveloping Oakland Newsletter offers quarterly updates about projects as diverse as the city, with Accomplishments and Goals for large-scale undertakings. Some of these big projects include sub-sections such as:

  1. Neighborhood improvement and initiative programs
  2. Construction of streetscapes
  3. Building or renovating affordable housing developments
  4. Construction of new public parks and associated facilities

maraconstruction.jpgPhoto credit: Mara Construction

Urban renewal is a big job, but there’s no shortage of interest and professional expertise from citizens and government officials who are at the ready. Significant contributions to the overall redevelopment of Oakland are also being made by the people who live in the city’s residential areas and who have the wherewithal to effect their own remodeling and construction projects.

CalFinder recommends many Oakland contractors who serve the area. This section of CalFinder’s website talks about the city with enthusiasm: “A new Oakland is emerging… as a homeowner, you feel the energy and transfer it to your home improvement projects. Just as the city around you becomes revitalized, so does the potential for your own yard, hallways, rooms, and living spaces.”

I don’t know about you, but as a Bay Area resident myself, after discovering all these exciting things about Oakland, I’m looking forward to a visit there some weekend soon. I want to experience some of this renewal myself!

For a great selection of impressive contractors and their galleries of project examples, visit the Oakland Contractor page.