Live in Sausalito? Here are Some Contractors for You…

From on May 13, 2009 in Locations

Working with CalFinder to discover which licensed contractor best suits your needs can be easy and fun. This post is designed to show you how simple the process for getting started can be. Let’s say you live in or near Sausalito, CA, and you need some remodeling done. I picked Sausalito as an example because I drive past it on Highway 101 from time to time, and I’m always struck by the beauty of this unique Marin County town on the Bay. The first thing I did was enter the keyword “Sausalito” in the Search box, found in the upper right corner of every page on CalFinder’s website. This took me to a page featuring a variety of different contractors, each with its designated link for learning more about that particular company. From here, you can explore the different contractors. Here are a few that attracted me—see what you think!

Celtic Construction

celticxkitcha.jpgPhoto credit: Celtic Construction

Celtic Construction does kitchen, bathroom, and general remodeling. There’s a slide show featuring examples of their work—clearly high quality. A customer comments, “I was a single woman and was totally taken advantage of by the workman and the unlicensed contractor I hired. Celtic Construction came in after I fired the original contractor and rescued me. Superior workmanship and they did twice the work in half the time. I was never talked down to when work to be done was explained to me.”

Lobao Construction

winecellar.jpgPhoto credit: Lobao Construction

You’ll find a gallery of examples of Lobao’s kitchen, bathroom, and general remodeling projects. (There’s a wine cellar that’s quite fabulous in the gallery collection!) “Here at Lobao Contruction we have been helping residents of the Bay Area since 1975… whether you are ready to remodel a bathroom, install foundation bolts, remodel a kitchen or a complete addition.” A customer says, “Extremely honest and trustworthy, I’ve been a client of Jim’s for the last 30 years, but each time he does work for me he still continues to amaze me. Very high standard of craftsmanship.”

Marin County Construction

bathtile.jpgPhoto credit: Marin County Construction

Their company description tells you a lot: “Marin County Construction specializes in residential green building of kitchens, baths, and room additions. Marin County Construction is one of the few “certified” green builders and is the only firm in Marin who practices deconstruction instead of demolition of existing work. Deconstruction is the art of removing existing materials from your home and reusing them during a remodel. The remaining materials that are not usable are 100% recycled.” The photo gallery shows a wide range of projects, including some fabulous bathroom tile work.

This simple tour should get your juices flowing, wherever you live. Try putting your own town’s name in CalFinder’s search box and see what turns up for your area.