Green Finds in Tampa Bay

From on April 28, 2009 in Locations

Tampa may well be on its way to taking over the moniker Green Bay. A blog called Creative Loafing has been listing the 100 greenest people and organizations in the Tampa Bay area and some of the list-makers are quite intriguing.

Project 3.0/The Roosevelt made it on the list because Rudy Arnauts, Steve Francois, Joe Redner, and Bryan Roberts came up with the bright idea to turn one of the area’s old buildings into something new. The 100+ year old brewing company structure was remodeled using different, sustainable, modern architecture and construction styles. The building also features A/C that runs off of well water circulating through a concrete slab, which doubles as a canvas for artwork. The building itself is a showcase of green talent, but will also be used as an event hall and artist think tank.
project-30.jpgPhoto Credit: Creative Loafing

Eckerd College also made the list as the greenest campus in town - and we’re not talking about the lawn on the quad. The school has implemented several campus-wide initiatives to get students thinking not only of their future but the future of the world upon which they are about to embark. Eckerd has a student-wide bike share program, a student-run recycling program, and environmental film festival and a partnership program whereby the students donate used items at the end of each year that they might otherwise throw away to local charitable organizations who recycle the items to new users.

McDonald’s paved the way for other fast food chains like Burger King, Wendy’s, and KFC, but now there’s EVOS to challenge their ways. Three guys decided they loved fast food, just not how un-green the food, cooking methods, and buildings are in those places. Dino Lambridis, Alkis Crassas, and Michael Jeffers created Evos, which now has 11 locations, as a more sustainable fast food restaurant. Evos features humane meat, no-oil cooking, wind-energy usage, and no-VOC paints.

evos-food.jpgPhoto Credit:

Tampa Street Market sounds like a place I would love to shop in. This green boutique, run by Amy and Charles Haynie, offers salvaged and recycled items, custom made furniture, and other green products. They even have a blog about their shop and the stuff they do and sell there.

REAL Building sounds like a really great company. It stands for responsible, efficient, attainable, livable, and it’s a consultation firm that assists builders and homeowners with planning, designing, and building sustainable homes. The company’s VP of business development, Taylor Ralph, was the first Florida resident to have a LEED certified home at the gold level.