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Create Your Own Secret Passage

June 08, 2009 in Light Construction

Photo credit: lauranatclemson If you enjoy reinventing your home, then consider all the things you can do on a smaller scale. The idea is to enhance your environment with something you can’t live without. Take for instance secret... read full post →

Replacing a countertop. Should you demolish it yourself to save money before the contractor comes in

June 02, 2009 in Light Construction

Photo credit: Fazimoto Lowering the cost of remodeling can be accomplished through an agreement called sweat equity. The property owner can do grunt work on small demolition jobs. This is a good money-saving idea for the homeowner. But... read full post →

A Week (or Two) in the Life of IKEA Cabinets

April 09, 2009 in Light Construction

IKEA: that iconic superstore, the crowned (Swedish) prince of DIY, the apex of self-assembly. Walking into the IKEA warehouse is like strolling right into Home Remodeling for Dummies. You simply choose a table leg, now a table top,... read full post →

Spring Projects for Older Homes

March 31, 2009 in Light Construction

Older homes have a lot to recommend them, from their architectural charm to their established landscaping and the welcoming neighborhoods in which they are often found. But old houses can be a lot of work, too. Anyone who owns one can tell... read full post →

20 Ways to Damage (and Fix) Your Walls

January 29, 2009 in Light Construction

Walls take some serious abuse. We tend to take for granted how solid they look, when often they are in reality just drywall and paint. Anything from the head of a nail to a child’s dirty hands can do damage to your walls. Taking the... read full post →
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