Vertical Gardening Ideas

From on September 29, 2008 in Landscaping

Tall Vine, Vertical LandscapingSomeone sent me an interesting link to a blog post about vertical gardening: How to Vertical Garden. I was fascinated to see this lovely clean-lined building in Paris with a view of the Eiffel Tower in the background – covered with foliage that had been planted on the façade. When I learned that it was a style popularized by a French botanist, Patric Blanc, I thought – okay, I can see that! It’s something that perhaps only a botanist would do.

Being more practical by nature, my ideas for vertical gardening are more pragmatic as well. I mean, with Mother Earth just sitting there in all her fertility and depth, why not start there and plant things that grow up? You can create a vertical garden starting on ground, and have the advantages of ease in watering and plenty of room underground for roots to grow and expand. This may not have the élan of a unique botanical treatment, but starting your vertical garden at ground level has its appeal!

Here are some suggestions for vertical gardening:

  • Plant a tree!
  • Plant a hedge of shrubs that grow tall – privet is a favorite, and as with all new plantings for your home, consult the experts at your local nurseries. They can make suitable recommendations for your region and show you examples of plants.
  • Plant ivy or other clinging vines around the base of your home and train it to grow up in certain areas, such as around entryways, on a plain wall with few or no windows, or to accent a chimney.
  • Build a trellis and plant wisteria or climbing roses at the base of the posts supporting the trellis. The vines will grow up the posts and cover the trellis.

You can also develop the vertical gardening theme with hanging baskets or window boxes outside an upper-floor window. Using draping greenery and flowers in these baskets or window boxes will give you a vertical line as the flowers and foliage grow and flow down over the sides of the containers and beyond.

Some lovely examples to give you food for thought can be found at: